What Wheels suit VF Commodores

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VF is among the most popular rides from the Aussie icon Commodore. This isn’t just another good looking car – more like the true roots of Aussie Muscle car. As everyone knows that no training equals no muscle. So it’s time to have a good looking tire set for workout and you can get pumped up wheels for holden commodores!


Whether you ride the saloon or the Ute VF version, you’ll want to get some rims that pump up the life in it.


Thus, even if you don’t have a fast VF Commodore, it can at least appear fast with new rim set. Also, with right tire, suspension and wheel combination you can easily get improvement of Commodore performance even without the need for extra horsepower.


Ideal tire set for Commodore VF

Let’s take a look at what rim set goes well with the stylish VF commodore.


If you’re looking for an asset of rims where you’re able to see your face, you’ll want lots of surface area with chrome finishing reflecting a lot of sunlight that powers your house. Everyone knows that chrome is meant for complementing vehicles of all colors and provides that sportiness and class you were looking for.


The wheel of choice here would be the VCT V74 which is known for its sporty charisma with the Commodore VF. Also, you can go for the 22 inch size and have low profile tires to get optimum performance. In this way not only you appear fast but are actually fast. VCT V74 tires can be purchased in a wheel package or independently as well.


Now, we’re having a set of rims that don’t appear out of place for the Commodore VF. These rims are at their best when you’ve fitted them with the black Commodore. They especially appear awesome on Gen-F model. KMC Rockstar XD 2s either appear like they’d remain evil or are fighting evil. Whichever you’ve yourself seen doing daily, they surely make a statement.


Other rim to consider


Another slightly subtle option to have is the Hussla 647s on the VF Series 2. Upon closer look these appear concave, reckoning them with the touch of individuality. Best thing about these rims is that they perfectly present the discs and calipers on the VF. In such instance, the red shining flash provides VF with a sporty appearance with expertise for worthy extent.


After selecting the favorite tyre set you can fit and balance these without any additional cost. The rims are of premium quality and get aligned with precision for a smooth drive on the VF Commodores. Such treatment enhances the safety with optimum vehicle performance.