What is Osteopathy

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You might be wondering what osteopathy is? It is a drug-free manual therapy that is applied to improve one’s health by strengthening the skeletal framework. It was developed over a hundred years ago by a doctor in Missouri. The practice involves the use of hands to listen to the body. A practitioner uses their hands to detect issues such as dehydration, stiffness, and congestion; this makes it different from it from a standard massage. The physician deals with the spine, joints, and muscles to treat the body’s lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous system. The physician practices both the diagnostics and treatment by hand.

Osteopathy is considered a complementary treatment, and it is practiced alongside other health treatments. Qualified physicians practice it, and it is one the fastest growing medical profession. The physicians who deal with it have doctor’s qualification and training. The treatment focuses on the entire body, not just an injured part. It can be used to treat backpains, headaches, arthritis, posture issues, and digestive problems. It also improves circulation and sleep cycles.

The diagnostic approached used by the physician is called OMM (Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine). It entails stretching and applying slight pressure on the body. The practitioner may, at times use surgical means and prescription medicine to complement the therapy.

Patients who seek the treatment should ensure that the physician is certified by the AOA (AustralianOsteopathic Association). They should also ensure that they have the required license for the practice. The patients should also inform their regular doctor before receiving the treatment. The treatment starts with a simple exam, where the physicians ask the patient their health issues. It is then followed by a 1 to 2-hour physical therapy. The patient is required to remove some of the clothing for effective treatment. For a successful procedure, several sessions are needed. The precise number of session will depend on how the patient responds to the treatment. The patient at first may feel sore for about 24 hours, and this is normal for most cases.  For Osteopaths in Sandringham, we recommend Body Tech Osteo.