What is good to feed horses?

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Owning a horse is a matter of pride for many people. If you own a horse, you must know how to take good care of the animal and know what is good to feed horses. If you properly care for the horse, it will stay healthy and live for a long time. On the other hand, if you do not care well about its health, you would notice that the animal is losing its health. Over time, the horse will lose its strength and will be unable to perform better. If you would like the horse to make you feel happy and proud, you should make efforts the horse would be proud to have you. Among other things, food is the most important thing that you should care about when keeping a horse.


Horses are herbivorous in nature, so you must understand they have a unique digestion not similar to humans. Their dietary needs are very specific, so you would have to be careful about the same and know what is good to feed for horses. The diet of a horse must include foods that are rich in fiber. You should feed your horses numerous times a day as they do not eat in large quantities at a time. As they eat a little at a time, you would have to feed them food in small quantities multiple times a day. There are several things you can feed your horse. Let us discuss about some of the foods that horses love to eat.


1. Tender Plants and Pasture Grass

Naturally, horses love to eat pasture grass as they find it tasty. The good thing is that they are healthy and nutritious too. Primitively, horses have been living off pasture grass only. Over time, they started eating other foods as people started domesticating them. If the horse has adapted to eating other food items apart from pasture grass, you should be careful about feeding your horse only that. Another favorite food of horses is tender plants that they naturally eat when they are grazing.


2. Hay

If you do not find it possible to take your horse grazing for pasture grass and tender plants, the next best food item would be hay. Fresh grass is not available throughout the year or you live in an area that is far away from pasture lands; hay is the best option to feed your horse. It is important to find out good quality hay that will meet the nutritional demands of the horse. You should enquire and research about the hay before you start feeding it to your horse. However, if the hay is too rich in minerals and nutrients then you should check its suitability with your horse.


3. Grains

Another best food option for feeding your horse is grains. There are a number of grains that can be fed to the horses but there can be nothing better than oats. Traditionally, horse keepers have been feeding oats to the horses as they are healthy aind nutritious. Seed head of grasses and corns are other favorable grain options that you can feed your horse. When feeding grains to your horse, you must be careful about over feeding them as it may lead to dental health issues. As grains require a lot of chewing, a horse may develop mouth ulcer owing to over chewing. So you must know the right amount of grains to give your horse.