What is a Medical Couch

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The type and comfort level may differ, but the one thing all doctors have are medical benefits of couches – designed with a specific kind of patient in mind. How do these couches differ from regular couches? Let’s backtrack a little bit – answer “what is a medical couch?” before looking at its features.


What is a medical couch?


It’s a couch or chair designed using medical technology to allow healthcare professionals to administer healthcare optimally. They keep the patient’s comfort in mind, while also providing convenience to the medical staff.


They differ from your run of the mill chair in both their structure and material. And both these structures and material will differ specialization by specialization. For example, patients know to expect a long, relatively low placed couch that’s made with leather at a dentist’s office. While they’d expect something a little bit different at an optometrist or psychologist.


The key is always to have an ergonomic design for improved patient positioning without restricting access to certain areas.


Main Features of Medical Couches

  • Adjustment Mechanisms: doctors expect to treat patients of varying weights and heights – in different positions (seat tilt). Because of this, a medical couch has lots of adjustment mechanisms that allow you to move the patient without actually disturbing them.
  • Hardy Materials: medical couch materials have to comply with medical standards. This means the material isn’t porous – to allow germs to grow, is easy to clean (doesn’t need to be dry cleaned in most cases), and won’t absolve fluids – because of those run aplenty in the medical community.


  • Compartments: most medical couches come with suitable compartments, depending on the environment they’ll be used in. So a medical couch that’ll be used in a gynecology’s office will have different side compartments from those that’ll be used at the dentist’s.


    • Ergonomic Design: medical couches are designed secondarily for comfort because patients are expected to be in them for a long time.