Qualities Of A Good Content Removal Agency

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Are you having unwanted online content and you don’t know how to get rid of it? This is a situation that most people have found themselves in and it’s usually a very stressful moment. However, some businesses have seen the gap with regard to this need and have established content removal agencies. These agencies specialize in removing false, defamatory, personal information, harmful or potentially illegal information from the internet. Many agencies have come up leaving the clients with the challenge of knowing the good or the bad agency.  For content removal, we recommend Removify.
Here’s a look on how to find a good content removal agency
You should consider the following factors when selecting the agency
(1). Experience
This involves the length of time that the agency has been in that business. A lot of companies have been established recently and their social media accounts and websites claim that they have been able to remove more than 6,000 URL’s from the internet. Therefore, consider asking the operators how long their business has been running in that industry to validate their achievement claim. If it’s less than a year, you should leave it and continue with your search.
(2). Office location
This business requires resources and staffs and therefore, the operator should be in a position to tell you the location of their office and arrange the meeting time. This will help you to determine their business’s size and competencies. If there’s no office or serving staff, it’s possible they don’t have the resources to serve you.
(3). Background supporting their work
This involves some background information through media sources and other people’s blog to validate their claims. A good agency should have a verifiable history of working in content removal industry.
(4). The number of URLs that they have removed and confidentiality
Knowing the number will help you determine the possibility of your investment yielding return/success. A good agency should be able to commit to a number. Additionally, you should avoid agencies that tell you who they have removed content for as that’s a sign of lack of confidentiality.