Picking The Right Outfit For Your Wedding

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Finding your perfect wedding gown can be quite the challenge. When it comes to picking your bridal rings and other accessories, there is also so many directions you can go in. Are you looking to catch a timeless and classic vibe, bohemian chic, clean and modern, or maybe sophisticated and feminine? Or possibly a combination of all the above?


The great news is once you have chosen your wedding gown and have an idea of your bridal hairstyle, locating those finishing touches frequently comes down to your own personal style and the aesthetic and lines of your dress. The challenge isn’t to over-accessorise and to select key pieces that will anchor your appearance. You do not have to look like a Christmas tree — sometimes only a headpiece, veil or a pair of announcement earrings are all you require.


We like to work with brides to provide ideas and recommendations on a collection of bridal headbands, veils and jewelry to accentuate the features in their wedding gown. Often the first place we look at is the neckline of the dress and the overall mood of this gown.


A very low V neckline or low V back is the best in sexy sophistication. A minimal front does not necessarily mean that you will need to put on a necklace to fill the space. Rather, think about statement earrings with a longer drop or a backward facing headpiece may be the perfect details to accentuate the lines of the low V. Play on the extended angular lines with unique accessories like string thread earrings, a long pearl drop or a blank wedding veil which highlights the powerful V lines.