How To Get A Sponsorship Visa In Australia?

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You have been dreaming about working in Australia all of your life. You want to live in one of the most beautiful continents in the world. Australia has always intrigued you with its natural beauty, the many varieties of animals like the kangaroo and the lifestyle of its people. You want to be a part of it all. One of your best friends lives in Australia and has been suggesting that you get a company to sponsor and hire you. But getting a sponsorship may not be as easy as one might think. Read on to see how to get a sponsorship visa in Australia?


How To Get A Sponsorship Visa In Australia?

If you want to get a sponsorship visa in Australia, then you must have a skill that is listed on the Australia occupational skills list. These are skills that Australia is in dire need of., mostly because there is a shortage of the skill. You will also need at least 2 years experience of the particular occupational skill for a company to give you sponsorship.


What Does A Company Need To Do In Order To Sponsor An Employee:

In order for an Australian company to sponsor an employee, they must meet certain criteria. It is not enough that the employee has the occupation needed. A company must be approved as a business sponsor: This can be done by:


*Operating lawfully in the country of Australia


*Working within labor laws and commit to a strong sense of how these laws are being used within their respective company.


*The Australian sponsoring employer must have no negative information against them according to Australian government and its laws.


Before you accept an offer from any Australian company that has listed your occupation, you should make sure the company has a business sponsorship. This will give you an idea if the company is allowable by law to sponsor your occupation. A great place to start will be the company’s human resources department. Any reputable company will tell you if they can sponsor you or not. It will make things a lot less difficult with your future in the company. It will also create a better environment should you decide to work and stay permanently.



Keep in mind that there are different Australian visas that will allow temporary, or permanent staying power. Be sure to check and make sure that you have the appropriate visa that will give you the allotted time needed for your employment in Australia.