Earthlok Australia Review

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If you are looking for the finest flexible concrete matting solution then you have come to the right place. Earthlok Australia is one of the leading flexible concrete matting systems providers that prevent loss of soil and erosion that can take place due to rain, wind and water. The earthlok design has the tendency to last more than 100- years which is remarkable. If you opt for the non-vegetative application then the lifespan comes around 50 years which is satisfactory.


Earthloks are concrete matting that is flexible in nature and includes pyramids shapes that are 50 Mpa concrete blocks for the best results. if you are looking for high-quality earthloks that can last long the opt for earthlok australis offering the best results. there is a 40mm spacing between each block allowing enough space for vegetation.


The earthlok is designed using biodegradable nutrition mat underlay that helps to encourage vegetation and protect the subgrade. All of this is done during the vegetation is getting established. If your application does not require vegetation then you can opt for non-woven geo fabric underlay for the best experience. What is amazing about Earthlok Australia is that it comes with a green star rating of 3 out of 4. This shows why you should go for Earthlok Australia.

You can prefer to have the concrete in any colour depending on the surroundings. When the concrete gets cured it is then cut into sizes that are specific and then rolled up like a carpet. Once done you can install it by laying it over the area you want it to be by just unfolding and then laying it down.




The steps taken to manufacture earthloks is top-notch. Currently, earthlok is being manufactured in only one place in the entire Australia which is Victoria. There is strict quality management in progress ensuring the manufacturing is done to achieve high-quality products that can be delivered to the site.