Cocktail Party Catering Ideas

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Your cocktail catering should be 3 words – simple, artsy, tasty. Finding meals that reflect these three ideals, however, is another headache of its own. Cocktail events typically don’t last longer than three hours. Your goal is to create snacks that allow guests to graze throughout the event without feeling bored.


Before getting into some really cool, tried and tested ideas for cocktail party catering with Nicholas catering, the first thing you’ll need to get out of the way is the quantity to make. Professional chefs estimate between 4 and 6 finger foods per guest within the first hour. As the hours count down, you can reduce your servings to 2 to 4 per guest. Now that’s out of the way, check out these awesome cocktail catering ideas.


#1. Devilled Eggs


This was a 1980s party staple, but it’s making a come back because there are just too many ways to dress up eggs. These days, you’ll find everything from sushi to Caesar salad devilled eyes. Go wild with your creativity.


#2. Lobster Rolls


The creamy lobster filling in a buttery bun? Yes, please.


#3. Crunchy Broiled Shrimp


These are ridiculously easy to cook, but look and taste so unbelievably great. They’re such a cocktail staple, it’d be weird to attend on without them. Any extra garnish on this is a plus.


#4. Clam Stuffed Mushrooms


Instead of going with a typical mushroom stuffing, why not opt to have the mushroom caps filled up with clam stuffing. Top it off with some mozzarella cheese, drizzle some butter on it and garnish with a side of lemon.


#5. Bruschetta Duet


This can either be served hot or room temperature. All you need is your toast spread, then pick two different toppings, like sauteed mushroom or green olive tapenade. Serving the same thing, in essentially different favorings provides the illusion of more variety than there actually is.


#6. Cocktail Meatballs


Meatballs are always a hit at cocktail parties. And they require so few ingredients and little preparation. If you want them to taste even better, make everything from scratch! Slatter on some sweet and sour sauce, toss in some toothpicks and display them on a platter for maximum effect.