Best things to do in perth

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Perth, the capital of Western Australia which has a population of almost 2 million people, is considered one of the most isolated cities.

What makes best serviced accommodation in Perth isolated is its natural environmental circumstances; surrounded by the Australian and the Indian Ocean on each side.


However, despite its famous reclusiveness,

very few people know about the gems the city holds in the form of its traveling destinations and fascinating location spots.


Here are some of the most amazing places you should visit alongside the things you should do while in Perth


Kings Park


Notably one of the largest city parks in the world will grant you an exquisite experience from the very first moment you lay eyes on its wonders – fascinating nature with its canning river and angelic swans.


Swan Valley


This oldest wine region is notable for its 40 vineyards that keep fascinating visitors with their warm-climate wines of the region.

You can also pay a visit to its eateries, and breweries whilst there, which will further elevate the richness of your experience.


And while being there, don’t forget to take a look at Caversham Wildlife Park to have memorable interactions with Kangaroos and Koalas. And to visit Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery to appreciate Aboriginal Culture and Art.



Rottnest Island


Immediately upon venturing on this Island, you’ll be able to feel blissful relaxation and peace due to the magnificent harmony the place possesses.

The island includes at least 60 beaches, historic buildings, and coral reefs.


You can even take a selfie with a famous

quokka, known for its friendly demeanor and adorable smile.

But make sure to use a selfie stick to not invade a quokka’s personal space.



As can be seen, Perth shouldn’t be famous just for its status of being an isolated city.

It has much more to offer and if you are planning your next trip sometime soon but still aren’t sure as to where you should go, let it be Perth.


By visiting it, you are guaranteed of acquiring rich memories and experiences which leave a lasting joy of a lifetime.