Best Nightclubs in Melbourne

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Melbourne is an international city. This means that it is absolutely brimming with nightclubs. This means that it is actually rather difficult for us to narrow down a list of the best nightclubs in Melbourne. We are going to give it a bash, though. You may not necessarily agree with every option on this list, we all have our own tastes after all, but you can probably agree that each of these nightclubs will offer a fantastic party experience no matter what time of day you head there.  Our personal favourite are the bond Melbourne cbd bars & clubs.

Revolver Upstairs

Melbourne natives will know this club better as ‘Revs’. Some of the biggest DJs in the world have led the party at Revolver Upstairs. Music blasts at virtually all hours of the day at the weekend, and it is an eclectic collection too. You may have some deep house music playing one night, and the next techno. If you come to Revolver Upstairs during the day, then you will be able to enjoy some of the best Thai food in Melbourne.

Angel Music Bar

Next up on our list of the best nightclubs in Melbourne is the Angel Music Bar. It has a completely different vibe to Revs. It is all dark and cool inside of the club, with barely any lights beyond a single disco ball. You are more likely to find classic rock hits from the likes of David Bowie being belted out here as opposed to the techno and house music that other clubs boast.

Gasometer Hotel

For the biggest selection of music, then the Gasometer Hotel is a must-visit. Most nights, you will be able to enjoy awesome live bands. And yes, some pretty huge bands have played here. Others, you will be able to enjoy club nights. There is a roof bar with a very chilled out vibe to it, but the real party happens downstairs when the retractable roof opens up. Who fancies partying in the heavy Melbourne sun?

Sub Club

The last place on our list of the best nightclubs in Melbourne is nestled in an old bank vault. How cool can you get? Electro music, bass, and techno fill the old bank vault here. All blasting through one of the loudest sound systems we have ever heard.

This is just scratching the surface of awesome clubs in Melbourne too. With dozens to explore, you will always find something new and exciting to enjoy.